Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax

Latest News on Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax

The system for property Tax Pune has undergone several changes under the Pune Municipal Corporation. In order to boost payment of property taxes on time, the municipal corporation is offering attractive concessions to the taxpayers. However, such concession is only granted for residential properties, and there is no concession if the property is used for commercial purposes. Vilas Kanade, head of property tax department, Pune Municipal Corporation, has announced that for all properties built in the last six years and which has not been registered yet; taxes will be charged on the basis of rates that were prevalent during the time when the property was constructed.

This is considered a great step ahead in inducing the owners of unregistered properties to register with Pune Municipal Corporation property tax department, and enjoy lucrative tax benefits. Kanade is appealing to all the owners of unregistered properties, built in the last six years, to come forward and take the benefits of this new scheme. According to Pune property builders and home owners, this new scheme by the Pune Municipal Corporation is expected to bring more properties under tax ambit, thereby contributing towards the development of Pune properties in the coming years. Under this scheme, Pune property tax will be levied according to the tax rates during the year in which the property was constructed. Since the tax rates will be definitely lesser in comparison to the existing rates, home owners will be in a better position to register their properties at significantly lower rates.

It is considered that if Pune corporation property tax is paid on time, the collected money can be used in the development of the city as a whole, and especially Pune properties. With this view, the Municipal Corporation of Pune has also decentralized its tax collection centers in the city. There are more than 21 PMC branches, in addition to six extension counters for Cosmos Cooperative Bank. Furthermore, Citizen’s Facilitation Centers have also been set up to promote the process of timely payment of Pune Municipal Corporation property tax.

In addition to these changes, further relief is assured to the Pune property tax payers in the way of online tax paying facilities made available to all people. Using the Pune property tax online payment facilities, a tax payer can get important details about his property tax Pune via this website. Additionally, various information related to tax paid and property dues can also be viewed online. Furthermore, the reports of property taxes for different years are also available in this website. Efforts are also being made in making the tax payment online as well. With all these efforts, Pune Municipal Corporation is expecting city tax payers to pay Pune corporation property tax on timely basis.