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Dhanori Pune is located on the northern fringes of the city on Lohegaon Road. There are several new and upcoming properties in Dhanori which has made the neighborhood a much sought after place. At a time when prices in central Pune is skyrocketing, Dhanori property rates can offer the respite that people living in Pune and those who are shifting base to the beautiful city would be in ardent need of.

Dhanori projects are fairly varied and offer a lot of options to home buyers. There are 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. There are many properties in Dhanori to choose from. While the rest of Pune has been harping on 4 BHK and 3 BHK, Dhanori properties offer a fair chance to smaller families who would be looking for 1 BHK and compact apartments. Not all families look for sprawling 2000 sq ft properties and Dhanori is the perfect place for fine living at affordable prices.

One can easily get a compact 2 BHK property in Dhanori Pune that ranges from 500 to 700 sq ft. Having said that there are properties in Dhanori that range across 1100 to over 1300 sq ft as well! At the end of the day, having variety and numerous options is what Dhanori Pune properties are all about.

There are areas in Pune where property prices have soared northwards of 6000 INR per sq ft whereas Dhanori Pune property prices are fairly priced much below than the standards within the city. You can browse through our list of properties in Dhanori and can request for more info on Dhanori property rates specific to a project and the type of apartments that you and your family would be looking at.


There are more than 8 new residential projects in Dhanori that are about to be launched and there are plenty that are under construction. Land procurement is on an overdrive in the northern fringes of Pune and shortly there would be massive developments changing the dynamics of Dhanori.

Some of the new projects in Dhanori include Aashiyana, Mayur Kilbil, Polite Paradise, Shree Woods, Gini Bellissimo, Bellina, Park Springs and RPS Homes. There is a whole range of projects in Dhanori that offer a variety in saleable area starting from 1 BHK apartments at around 550 sq ft to 2 BHK or 2.5 BHK apartments at 900 to 1050 sq ft and 3 BHK properties at 1100 to around 1300 sq ft.

Dhanori real estate is set to witness a surge of high rise towers and integrated townships along with large scale residential projects that would be self sustained and brimming with on site project amenities.

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Investing in Dhanori would call for specific attention to a few aspects. The first major factor that favors any Dhanori investment is its close proximity to Viman Nagar. The necessity to stay close enough to an airport has become more essential than ever. The pace at which Pune is being transformed to a cosmopolitan city, traffic would definitely become a tussle. Staying close to Viman Nagar (International Airport) in Pune is not only good for a family from the perspective of conveyance but can also offer great appreciative values to the property over time. Besides, with golf courses nearby, schools and hospitals within a short drive, investing in Dhanori is certainly a good option.


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